Training Events             

Staff from partner countries visited the hosting country and learnt from the practice there. This was enabled through observation/ shadowing/ lecture/ workshop/ discussion and other methods.

All training activities were interactive and afforded those attending the opportunity to experience what works well in other countries and gain the background knowledge and experience as to how this happens. It is expected that staff will replicate these techniques in their own vocational settings.

We expect the training activities to inspire, to upskill and to provide resources and techniques which participants can use in their own country.

The hosting institution issues a detailed schedule of the Training activity.  They are also responsible for delivering a unit of the module in which they have expertise. This entails 30 hours study and has 5 units:

  • The work based curriculum - Involving Employers, Apprenticeships, Self-employment, Incubation centres
  • Addressing issues of Equality such as Race and Gender, teacher training on addressing inequality.
  • Developing work based learning experience, work shadowing. Employer partnerships.
  • A curriculum that responds to employer needs.
  • Use of ICT 

The aim of the evaluation of the project led by GRETB, and involving SES13-19 Ltd., ISŠ-COP, Municipio De Sao Joao Da Madeira, Aydin Dogan Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi has endeavoured to address and contribute to:
  • improving teaching.
  • providing resources that others can replicate
  • aligning its work with international campaigns such as International Women’s day or the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination or Disability Awareness Day in order to address under representation of women, people with disabilities and minority groups
  • helping to address skills mismatches  by improving the curriculum relevance to the labour market
  • addressing worklessness and dropout by improving curriculums.