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Município de São João da Madeira

The Municipality is member of the Oporto Metropolitan Area and the International Association of Educating Cities. The Local government/municipality is designed according to the different areas of influence and needs of the city. Below the President/Mayor we have the leaders for six areas: Education, Culture, Social Affairs, Urbanism, Economics and Environment. In the Education we are related to pupils from Pre-Primary Schools, Schools of First, Second and Third Grade, Secondary Schools and a School for Adults – Life Long Learning. Our facilities see more than 6000 students studying daily. Our main objective is also the vocational training of youngsters and the entrepreneurial projects, with training courses for teachers and students. Since 2005 we are the coordinators of the “Educational Municipal Project” (“Projeto Educativo Municipal”), a network of institutions, enterprises and schools. The Project-plan includes currently more than 40 activities and programs.

The city hall made a development plan for the period 2010-2020. One of the priorities is the Education for the Entrepreneurship and that’s why we have several projects regarding this issue. Since 2007, the “Education Municipal Project” and our school network organize the program “Entrepreneurial Schools”, with training sessions to teachers and students. This program is recognized and credited by the Portuguese Ministry of Education. Between 2009 and 2013 we were partner of a URBAL III Project, related to entrepreneurial projects between Europe and Latin America.

The City is also coordinating a network of “Industrial Tourism and Culture”, involving factories, schools and cultural resources, such as the Hat Museum. On January 23rd 2012 the Industrial Tourism project was implemented. This new project, creating circuits to the Industrial Heritage of São João da Madeira, gave body to a new consistent tourist dimension, based on the traditional industry of São João da Madeira- past and present - and new technological and creative industries that are now also a hallmark of the city. This was the first project of its kind in Portugal, and that has left more than 35,000 visitors to the factories and institutions linked to the main industrial activities of the municipality. A subsequent new project appeared: “Oliva Creative Factory”, a creative hub in an old factory in São João da Madeira, an incubator centre for creative industries.