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Integrovaná střední škola - Centrum odborné přípravy a JŠ s právem SJZ Valašské Meziříčí

Secondary School - Centre of Practical Training (ISS – COP) and The Language School is located in the east of the country in town called Valasske Mezirici. With the capacity of 1230 students ISS - COP is one of the largest schools in the region. The school provide education for students in age 16 – 19 in 3-year or 4-year programmes in gastronomy, electronics, chemistry, food industry and machinery courses. Most of the courses are realized in close cooperation with key employers in the region.


Students take welding lessons and obtain the certificate in all these courses. In 4-year courses there is a special part focused on programming CNC machines.


Students learn about environmental situation and solve problems connected with pollution. They learn about necessities in bringing new eco - technologies into production in industry as well as other parts of existence.


The 4-year course Mechanist - electro mechanist is focused on technical part of computers and CISCO. Another important part are lessons of electro - programming in a special classroom CAD. 3-year courses give special practise in installing works, completing basic circuit design including measurements of parameters. Courses involve a module of automatic technologies. 


4-year course prepares students for managing culinary and catering for common and special occasions, final meal preparations presented in front of clients, knowledge of roles for menu and beverages and skills for serving in both public and luxurious restaurants. 3-year course is arranged as an independent branch of professional service in culinary and serving meals having a wide perspective for the whole collective meal service.


Baker: after finishing graduates are able to manage all parts of bakery and pose themselves in fully qualified baking companies or they can continue in their studies by taking further courses.

Sweets making production

Butcher: graduates are able to work in meat production and / or business companies including distribution and sale.

COP - Centre of Practical Training

Is an enlargement of educational activities, which the school expanded in 1994 to be one of 35 such organisations in the Czech Republic. It means that this accreditation is valid for the whole region not only as a part of a regular school education in above named specialisations, but as a further education, the State Language School, The School of Welding and other education, such as courses of Computer Science, requalification courses for the Employment Office and other courses according to needs of companies in the region.


People can improve their knowledge of languages in courses with experienced Czech lecturers and native speakers in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian in the Language School. Foreigners are offered to join Czech language lessons for foreigners. Besides language activities it is possible to register for courses of gastronomy.