The Teaching Improvement Partnership Project (TIP Project) led by Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board and involving partners from the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Turkey has identified the training and equipping of teachers/trainers in relation to Education Employment Partnership activity as a way to improve teaching addressing Europe 2020 whilst also impacting on skills mismatches, promoting apprenticeships enterprise/self-employment, contributing to economic development and impacting on inequalities for those from minority backgrounds, those with disabilities and other underrepresented groups such as young women.


The aim of this programme is to further strengthen key competences in VET by enhancing the knowledge and skills of staff through training and by promoting work-based learning in all its forms in the curriculum, with special attention to apprenticeships. We aim to make the teacher training element empower the motivation of underrepresented groups of students in particular who often face disadvantages. The objectives are to exchange best practice across the partner countries, to deliver 5 modules of teacher training activities, which will  upskill staff in partner countries including knowledge such as labour market information and to impact on vocational students career choices.


The project will develop a resource directory for partner countries, a curriculum package and a set of case studies showcasing excellent teaching practice across the partners identified through training events and employer involvement. The project delivers the up skilling and development of staff, the showcasing of powerful resources through the exchange of practice, the potential of a more innovative curriculum through training which will address inequality and recognise diversity, and consequentially the improvement of life chances for young people and the sharing of good practice.